The purpose of the Office of the Associate Vice President for Academic Health Sciences is to establish a University-level academic leadership position for the health sciences, to centralize academic work in the health sciences, to introduce greater connections to and integration across other non-AHC colleges, and to provide increased support for interprofessional education.

Pre-Health Resource Center

Helping students explore and prepare for health careers

The Pre-Health Student Resource Center is a unique, specialized center that helps University undergraduate students, high school students, and adult learners explore health career options, build effective skills and a well-rounded portfolio of experiences, and prepare for admission into health professional programs. The center represents a partnership between the University of Minnesota’s undergraduate colleges and the schools/programs within the University’s health sciences community.

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NEXUS Summit 2019

Coordinating IPE for the Nation

The National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education is a coordinating center that provides national leadership in the field of interprofessional education and collaborative practice among health professionals. At its core, the center will accelerate transformation of health care in the U.S. by creating a bridge between higher education and the rapidly transforming U.S. health care system.