Better Together: Preparing for Collaborative Practice

Better Together: Preparing for Collaborative Practice

This fall, 1Health will be offering a new, two-part interprofessional learning experience that will introduce health professional students to foundational concepts of interprofessional education and collaboration.  This experience consists of an online module and a 3-hour in-person session that offers students an opportunity to engage with health professionals, experts, and patients, to learn how interprofessional collaboration impacts real world health outcomes. 

Through this experience, students will:

  • Increase awareness that achieving desired health outcomes requires collaboration; among patients/clients, families, learners, and a variety of administrative, social, health, and support personnel.
  • Begin developing an interprofessional identity.
  • Become aware of collaborative competencies that all learners across the health professions need to develop to engage in collaborative practice.
  • Engage in meaningful discussions with other learners, patients/clients, and health professionals to increase knowledge of the various roles, responsibilities, values of collaborative team members.
  • Become aware of the continuum of interprofessional education and practice, including the 1Health curriculum.

Student Participant Information

As a student participating in Better Together, you will be granted access to the necessary curricular materials and the online module via the 1Health Database. You will then be instructed to complete the online module and pre-work form by September 5, 2019.

The second part of this learning experience, the in-person Better Together session, will then take place on Friday, September 6, 1:00-4:00pm, in the DQ Club Room of the TCF Bank Stadium.  This is an opportunity for rich, interprofessional engagement and interaction with a variety of health professional students, and with practicing health professionals and experts.  In the session, you will also get to hear from community members about their patient experience and learn how interprofessional teams can effectively collaborate to deliver patient-centered care.

Important note for students:

  • Complete the Better Together online module and submit your pre-work form in the 1Health Database by September 5, at 11:59pm.
  • Arrive to the in-person Better Together session by 12:45pm on Friday, September 6 to check-in and find your seat!  The session will begin promptly at 1:00pm and end at 4:00pm.  Map to TCF Bank Stadium.
  • Following the in-person session, be sure to complete your required Better Together evaluation forms in the 1Health Database by Friday, September 13, at 11:59pm.

Information for Health Professional Experts & Patient Panelists:

As a health professional or patient panelist participating in the in-person component of Better Together: Preparing for Collaborative Practice, you will be asked to check-in upon your arrival at the TCF Bank Stadium.  We look forward to your participation in this rich, interprofessional learning experience!  Please refer to the instructions sent to you by the 1Health team for more information about what to expect, logistics, and parking.

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