1Health Team

The 1Health team is comprised of faculty and staff who are committed to working across all health sciences schools and programs to develop, prepare, coordinate and implement all aspects of the interprofessional education curriculum, in alignment with institutional goals and national standards of excellence.

Faculty members from a variety of health professions offer significant contributions to the 1Health curriculum development by conducting interprofessional research, disseminating information, and creating innovative interprofessional learning opportunities for students. Staff members support these efforts by communicating with stakeholders, recruiting facilitators and volunteers, developing and preparing curricular materials, coordinating schedules, implementing all programmatic aspects of the 1Health curriculum, and gathering the data needed to support continuous curriculum growth and refinement.

Together, this team of faculty and staff provide the leadership needed to ensure that the interprofessional education curriculum offered to health professional students at the University of Minnesota is strategically integrated through a coordinated and collaborative approach. Team members also work closely with the Program Directors and the Associate Deans for Education across the health sciences to ensure the 1Health curriculum strategically meets the shared educational goals for interprofessional collaboration and education for our students.

1Health Team members are:

  • Brian Sick, MD, Director of Interprofessional Education, Office of the Associate Vice President for Academic Health Sciences

  • Cheri Friedrich, DNP, RN, CNP, 1Health Team, School of Nursing

  • Craig Roth, MD, 1Heath Team, Medical School

  • Sara North, M.Ed, DPT, 1Health Team, Physical Therapy Program

  • Chrystian Pereira, PharmD, BCPS, 1Health Team, College of Pharmacy

  • Karin Quick, DDS, PhD, 1Health Team, School of Dentistry

  • Cyndee Stull, RDH, MDH, DHSc, 1Health Team, School of Dentistry

  • Peter Scal, MD, MPH, 1Health Team, Medical School

  • Amy Greminger, MD, 1Health Team, Medical School (Duluth campus) 

  • Sasha Zagoloff, PhD, LP, 1Health Team, Medical School

  • Sylvia Wanzala, DVM, MSc., MPH, PhD, 1Health Team, Office of Academic Clinical Affairs

  • Justine Mishek, MHA, 1Health Team, School of Public Health

  • Laura Dammer HessMLS, Center for Health Interprofessional Programs (CHIP)

  • Heather Mead KimBA, 1Health Operations Director, Office of the Associate Vice President for Academic Health Sciences

  • Suzanne Stein, BA, 1Health Curriculum Coordinator

  • Roni Lafky, BA, 1Health Curriculum Coordinator 

  • Teresa Sweeney, MA, 1Health Curriculum Coordinator