1Health Team

Brian Sick Headshot"The interprofessional 1Health team models the collaboration and teamwork that we would hope to see in our students from across the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center.  Addressing barriers and facing challenges is essential to the ongoing development of interprofessional education. The 1Health team meets those challenges and strives to create a shared understanding of what interprofessional education is and how our shared goal to create a collaboration-ready health care workforce can be achieved."

– Dr. Brian Sick, Interprofessional Academic Deputy, AHC Office of Education & Medical School

The 1Health team is comprises AHC faculty and staff committed to implementing all three 1Health phases into the curriculum. Faculty members from nursing, medicine and pharmacy offer significant contributions to 1Health development by conducting interprofessional research, disseminating information and gathering feedback to aid in the 1Health curriculum integration. Several AHC Office of Education staff members also contribute to the coordination, development and implementation of the 1Health curriculum. This team provides leadership to ensure that 1Health implementation is a coordinated and collaborative approach, supporting development and ensuring alignment throughout the curriculum. Team members also work closely with the AHC Associate Deans for Education to ensure 1Health development plans are adequately supported for implementation and success.
1Health Team members are:
  • Brian Sick, MD, Interprofessional Academic Deputy, AHC Office of Education & Medical School

  • Cheri Friedrich, DNP, RN, CNP, 1Health Team, School of Nursing

  • Craig Roth, MD, 1Heath Team, Medical School

  • Sara North, M.Ed, DPT, 1Health Team, Physical Therapy Program

  • Chrystian Pereira, PharmD, BCPS, 1Health Team, College of Pharmacy

  • Laura Dammer Hess, MLS, Center for Health Interprofessional Programs (CHIP)

  • Heather Mead Kim, BA, 1Health Operations Director, AHC Office of Education

  • Chelsea Lennox, MPH, 1Health Curriculum Coordinator