Teacher in an Active Learning Classroom standing in the middle of the room

Teach-A-Palooza is a series of micro-teaching opportunities for Health Sciences educators to experiment with teaching methods you would use in the active learning classroom. This is a place where you can take risks and try out new materials, strategies, and exercises in a supportive environment and receive constructive feedback from your peers. We encourage you to try something new!


Session Details

  • Monday, November 4, 4—5 pm in Bruininks 330

  • Friday, December 6, 9—10 am in Bruininks 312

Session Format

You will have 10 minutes to teach to an audience of fellow educators, instructional staff, and students. After your micro-teaching session, you will receive feedback and suggestions from the audience. The focus will be on teaching format rather than content. 

Teach-A-Palooza Teachers

Prepare a 10-minute lesson on the topic of your choosing, taking into consideration the affordances of an active learning classroom and active learning strategies. You will be able to observe and provide feedback for two other health sciences educators as an audience participant before and/or after your micro-teaching session.

Read the Teach-A-Palooza Micro-Teaching Session Guide

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Not sure about teaching a session? Be an audience member!

As an audience member, you will be in the learner role for the three teaching sessions, most of which will include activities. Following each session, you will fill out an anonymous survey focused on providing feedback on teaching performance. After being in the audience, you may decide you’d like to teach at a future event.

Read the Teach-A-Palooza Learner Guide

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Contact Christina Petersen at pete6647@umn.edu