1Health Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and program evaluation are an important focus across the 1Health curriculum in order to demonstrate a student’s competency development and learning outcomes.

The 1Health assessment and evaluation strategy is directly linked to the IPEC competencies and intended to enhance programmatic and operational development for all 1Health phases, as well as our faculty development series. 

In 2014, in collaboration with Dr. Connie Schmitz , the FIPCC course introduced a new self- assessment tool: the Interprofessional Collaborative Competency Attainment Scale (ICCAS). The ICCAS self-assessment instrument will enhance validation of the 1Health curriculum by measuring collaborative skills (abilities, knowledge, and behaviors) rather than determining agreement or disagreement with attitudes and beliefs.  A new end-of-course evaluation tool was also introduced for FIPCC, as well as a team-performance assessment tool for the end-of-course, team-based presentation. 

These self-assessment and evaluation strategies are being applied across the 1Health curriculum.